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I used to make the mistake of writing my blog post headline last. Then I learned how to write a good blog post title. Sometimes a good blog post title is not what you think it is! I am going to give you ALL the tips so you can start writing the catchiest blog post titles and get more clicks so that you ultimately make more money!

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How to Write a Good Blog Post Title Tip #1: SEO Research

This is my number 1 favorite way to find blog post ideas. Pinterest has an amazing feature where it basically tells you what Pinterest users search for on a regular basis! 

Amazing, right?!

Here’s what you do. Type in a topic such as baby food into the pinterest search bar. 

I use the drop down list to get an idea for posts then click on an idea.

Pinterest blog post title search

Writing Tip

Try writing for just 20 minutes a day to start and build from there! 

Use the colored tiles to further develop your post idea!

Pinterest suggestions for blog post title

Using this method you can generate SO MANY blog post ideas in just a few minutes.


Writing Tip

Write every single day! Practice, Practice, Practice! 


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How to Write a Good Blog Post Title Tip #2: Google Keyword Planner

After I use Pinterest as a jumping off point I usually head over to the google keyword planner on Just click the wrench icon in the top right and select Keyword Planner. To get started I type in my blog post idea and see what pops up.

This is slightly more complicated than using Pinterest as a keyword planner but it can still be done.

When you are a new blogger you want to go for “Low” competition with as many Average Monthly Searches as possible. Sometimes a small word change will increase your traffic like crazy.

Google Keyword Planner

Writing Tip

Your writing voice will develop. Just give it time!  

In this example you can see that I first searched “how to make homemade baby food” it had high competition for 100-1k monthly searches but if I changed it to “how to prepare baby food” I could get the same number of average searches for low competition. 

When writing your blog post be sure to include this long tail keyword in your first paragraph as well as several times throughout your blog post.

How to Write a Good Blog Post Title Tip #3: Embrace the Classics– “How-to” and “List” Titles

These blog post title types are “Classics” for a reason! The consistently pull in more clicks and are the type of easy internet reading content most people are looking for!

Gone are the days of checking out textbooks from the library when you want to do something! Now you type in a quick search in google and voila! Tons of tips, tutorials, and more! 

Help your blog posts stand out by writing “How to” and “List” Titles 

Examples of “How-To” Post-Titles: 

  • How to Lose 5 Pounds in 2 Weeks 
  • How to Baby Proof Your House 
  • How to Clean up Your Credit Score 
  • How to Deep Clean a Front Loading Washer 

Examples of “List”-Titles:

  • 15 Tips for Hosting the Best Memorial Day Party
  • 5 Must haves for a New Baby 
  • 10 Makeup Tips for Younger Looking Skin 
  • 30 Things You Can Stop Buying 
  • 5 Ways to Lose Weight While on Vacation

Writing Tip

Find someone else to proofread your writing. 

How to Write a Good Blog Post Title Tip #4: Use Strong Adjectives and Inspire Strong Emotion

How to Use Strong Adjectives in Blog Posts Titles 

Adding strong adjective to post titles will increase your click through rate! For example changing the Post Title “5 Ways to Lose Weight During Vacation” into 5 Surprising Ways To Lose Weight while on a Vacation!” Readers will want to know! 

How to Inspire Strong Emotions in Blog Post Titles 

You want your readers to feel some type of emotion when they read your post title whether that be fear, hope, or even curiosity. These emotions are ones that help get those click throughs! 

For example changing a blog post title “How to Clean a Front Loading Washer to “How to Clean a Front Loading Washer So that You Remove Toxic Germs” will strike a balance of fear and curiosity in your reader. They will be fearful that there are toxic germs in their washer but also curious how to clean them!

How to Write a Good Blog Post Title Tip #5: Use Online Headline Resources

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer 

This tool is super easy to use. It gives you word length, character length and a list of strengths and suggestions! It also gives you a “Headline Quality Score.” Excellent resource! Go check it out!  

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator 

This tool gives you TONS of blog post title ideas! All you do is type in a verb or noun and it breaks down blog post titles into 10 categories of blog post types including How To’s, Best of’s, Lists, and more! It might not give you the exact title you are looking for but it will definitely be a great jumping off point!

Tweak Your Biz Title Generator

To wrap it up remember you can write amazing Blog Post Titles by 

  • Using SEO Research 
  • Using Lists and How-To Post Structures 
  • Add in Strong Adjectives 
  • Inspire Strong Emotions 

Use online Headline Generators such as the Sharethrough Headline Analyzer or the Tweak Your Biz Title Generator 

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