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how to write blog posts fast

Finding time to write blog posts while managing a blog can be a daunting task! There is so much to do and so little time to do it! I know the struggle! Here are my best tip for how to write a blog post fast! These 5 tips will help you pump out more content in less time which means more money!

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How to Write a Blog Post Fast–Tip 1: Do your keyword research first!

This is my number 1 favorite way to find blog post ideas. Pinterest has an amazing feature where it basically tells you what Pinterest users search for on a regular basis! 

Amazing, right?!

Here’s what you do. Type in a topic such as baby food into the Pinterest search bar. 

I use the drop-down list to get an idea for posts then click on an idea.

I use the drop-down list to get an idea for posts then click on an idea. 

Use the colored tiles to further develop your post idea!

Using this method you can generate SO MANY blog post ideas in just a few minutes.

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Blog Post Ideas: Google SEO

After I use Pinterest as a jumping off point I usually head over to the google keyword planner. I type in my blog post idea and see what pops up.

This is slightly more complicated than using Pinterest as a keyword planner but it can still be done. 

 When you are a new blogger you want to go for “Low” competition with as many Average Monthly Searches as possible. Sometimes a small word change will increase your traffic like crazy.

In this example you can see that I first searched “how to make homemade baby food” it had high competition for 100-1k monthly searches but if I changed it to “how to prepare baby food” I could get the same number of average searches for low competition. 


When writing your blog post be sure to include this long tail keyword in your first paragraph as well as several times throughout your blog post.


Pinterest Tip

Beware of “keyword stuffing”. Write out your bio in simple sentence using keywords but DO NOT just write a list of kewords! 


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How to Write a blog post fast–Tip 2: Outline Ahead of Time 

Outlining your posts ahead of time can make SUCH a huge difference! It gives your blog post (and your brain!) the direction that it needs to go so that the writing can just flow! 

While taking the time to outline your post can seem like an unnecessary step when trying to save time it will actually save you a lot of time in the long run. I promise. Just try it! 

How to Write a blog post fast–Tip 3: Batch Your Work 

This is probably my top tip for writing blog posts fast! You should batch your work as much as possible! Why? 

Well, personally, I think it helps to clear up brain space so that you can get more work done. If you know what your focus is for the next 15 minutes, an hour, or two hours, you can turn off your squirrel brain and actually focus. 

So what should you batch for the writing process? 

You can batch your marketing too! Read: Pinterest Marketing Using Tailwind

First, you need to batch your keyword research.

 Remember that your keyword research is what you are basing EVERY post off of! Keyword research a months of blog posts (or more) in one session! This should take an hour or less to do! 

 I have included a quick and easy google spreadsheet I use to organize my content research. 

Download it below if you would like to use it. This is strictly a productivity tool, it’s not meant to be pretty. It’s only meant to be functional.  It’s free, it’s basic, it GETS THE JOB DONE. Save yourself a headache and just use it! 

The second thing you should batch is your writing outlines. 

I do this for a month of blog posts at a time. I also do it immediately after I do my keyword research. 

When writing an outline I often do some quick research and just jot down my ideas for the blog post. I organize them the best way possible. 

Later when writing I do rearrange things or add/remove sub topics. That’s fine! By outlining you just want to get the bones of your post ready so that when it’s time to write you aren’t thinking about the nitty gritty! The organization has already been done for you (which your future self will thank you for!) 

I highly suggest creating a google doc template for blog posts. 

Mine is super basic, I have a spot for my google keyword research, Pinterest keyword research, Pinterest Social Share #1, Pinterest Social Share #2, Intro, Headings, and subheadings and a few other important things I don’t want to forget.  

This keeps me SUPER organized. Doing this also takes out all the guesswork in how to format posts and keeps my posts streamlined. 

You can download both my google doc blog post template and my keyword spreadsheet below. They both come in my free Blogging Productivity Bundle 



Pro Tip

Writing your Pinterest Description (social share) directly after doing your keyword research. It will remind you to stay focused on those keywords when you are writing your post! 

How to Write a Blog Post Fast–Tip 4: Work on a Series (better for SEO purposes too!) 

This is a blogging skill that I didn’t learn until well over 6 months into my blogging career. When I was just working on my mommy blog I would just write WHATEVER posts I wanted. There was no rhythm or rhyme to what I would write each week. 

Then I got the lightning bolt of inspiration! If I worked on a series of interrelated topics I could write them and build on each one! 

Here is an example from my ebook that I use when I talk about this very topic! It’s a list of interrelated blog posts that I would write one after another. 

Niche: Rescue Dogs 

Pillar Post #1: How to Rescue A Dog 101

  • Which breed is right for you 
  • What you MUST DO your first week with a new dog 
  • Potty Training a New Dog 
  • Everything you need for a new dog ($ Making Post with affiliate links)
  • Picking the right dog food ($ Making Post with affiliate links)
  • First 5 Commands you MUST teach your new dog 

THe Pillar Post “How to Rescue A Dog 101 would be a long post in which you are extremely detailed in your explanation and cover all the above topic. You would then write the follow up posts about each topic and link them in the Pillar Post in all the relevant places. 

The Pillar Post “How to Rescue A Dog 101 would be a long post in which you are extremely detailed in your explanation and cover all the above topic. You would then write the follow-up posts about each topic and link them in the Pillar Post in all the relevant places. 

This can be game-changing! It will save you so much time and effort! Plus it takes all the guesswork out of trying to figure out what to write each day!

How to Write a Blog Post Fast–Tip 5: Write Every day! 

Practice Makes Perfect! 

Write EVERY SINGLE DAY. Writing takes PRACTICE! No one is an amazing writer the very first time they sat down to write. Blog post writing is a very specific type of writing that can be challenging to master in the beginning. But the more often you do it the better you will become. As with step 1 decide how long you are able to write for in a single sitting and do that amount of time EVERY SINGLE DAY. Save all of the other blogging tasks (marketing, photography, proofreading etc) for later. Your writing must come first! Content drives traffic! 

To summarize, here are my top tips for writing a blog post fast

  1. Do Keyword Research First 
  2. Outline Blog Post Ahead of Time 
  3. Batch Your Work
  4. Write a Series of Interrelated Blog Posts
  5. Write Every Day–Practice Makes Perfect! 

So what do you think? Did I leave any great tips out? Leave them in the comments below! Now, what are you waiting for! Quit reading and start writing! 

As always stop dreaming and start doing! 

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