I am here to help you get organized and blogging like a professional! Making money as a professional blogger is 100% possible, all you need is persistence, determination, and the right tools for you are your business! Let me show you how! Below are some of the FREE tools that I use to stay organized while I run two profitable blogs and help clients do the same! 

The Incredible Blogging Productivity Tools

I use These every day to manage two profitable blogs!

  • At a Glance Blog Post Organizer 
  • Keyword Researcher 
  • Blog Outline

At a Glance Blog Post Organizer 

True Story 

I stopped blogging for 3 months. Yes, you read that right. 3 ENTIRE MONTHS! 

What happened?

Well, I was pregnant with our second baby and my morning sickness was bad. Couldn’t get out of bed bad. 

Looking at the computer made me feel sicker. Thinking about blogging sounded horrible. I was completely overwhelmed, sick, and the last thing I could do was blog. 

Why am I telling you this? 

Because, once the morning sickness faded my motivation to blog was still majorly lacking. I didn’t want to open my computer because the overwhelm just felt like way to much. 

Luckily, when I did finally open my computer I immediately pulled up my At a Glance Post Organizer

I was able to see right away where I left off. And I was happily surprised to see that I had 3 posts already written and ready to be published! 

With one click I was back at it! 

This was only possible because I was super organized! 

Don’t worry! I am sharing that tool (and a couple others!) with you for free

The greatest part about this At a Glance Post Organizer is that it is totally editable for you and your needs! It is likely that your editorial schedule is not identical to mine and that is 100% okay! Every new blogger needs to figure out what works best for her! 

This Post Organizer allows you to change the categories of the checkboxes so that you can be sure you never miss a thing! 


Keyword Research Organizer 

Everyone knows that you can write the best blog post of your life but if you don’t properly keyword it NO ONE will ever find it! 

Don’t make that mistake! Be sure to do all of your keyword research BEFORE you start writing. 

Organize your keywords using my super simple keyword organizer so that you can keep track of both Pinterest and Google Keywords! 

See Also: How to do Keyword Research to write awesome blog posts! 


Bonus: Blog Post Outline 

This outline will help you plan out every single blog post you write so that you never forget to add an opt-in, relevant internal link, or important keyword rich headings. 

I also have a spot at the top for you to keep track of you Pinterest Keywords, Google Keywords, and multiple Pinterest descriptions! 

Never forget a step again!