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From my experience, Pinterest is by far the easiest and fastest way to get organic traffic to your blog. How do I know this? In my first month of using Pinterest to market my first blog I went from 1 user (my mom) to a little over 14 thousand new users. This was huge growth for a brand new blogger. 

I am going to be honest though, I don’t think I could have done this without Tailwind and all of it’s stellar features. In this post I am going to go over the Tailwind Basics including pricing and plans as well as go over Tailwind’s amazing features like Tribes, Smartloop, and the smart schedule! 

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So what are the Tailwind Features that you can’t live without?


Hassle Free Scheduling 

When you sign up for Tailwind you get the following capabilities

  • Create multiple Pins at once using the Tailwind Browser Extension 
  • Bulk Uploads 
  • Easily Reuse old posts 
  • Drag and drop control to reorder pins within your posting calendar 
  • Create groups of boards to easily pin a pin to multiple boards at once 
  • Smart intervals so that you can spread pins out without spamming your account or spamming group boards
  • Easily shuffle queue to spread out/mix up your content
  • Optimizable Pinterest Schedule: get recommended times to publish with unlimited recurring time slots so that you can always be sure that you are always pinning at the best time for your brand. 

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Use the recommended pinning times to follow your own social media strategy!


Beginner Blogger Tip

Schedule multiple drafts at once! When you are first starting out share a mixture of your pins and other people’s pins! 

Free blogging resources

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  • Easy to find quality content that fits your niche 
  • More than 4,000 Tailwind Tribes in all different niches
  • Share other people’s content and yours is shared in return! 
  • It is easy to see the results you are having within each tribe so that you can decide if a tribe is working well for you!
  • Build Relationships: It’s easy to find people within your niche which can lead to excellent collaboration and partnerships!

As you can see in that image I had received 23 new reshares since the last time I checked!

That’s 23 people that shared my pins on their accounts which reach all their followers! 

This can increase your traffic by leaps and bounds! Especially when you don’t have many followers on Pinterest at the beginning! 

Smart Loop

  • Allows you to reshare evergreen content on a rotating basis 
  • Smart loop posts are viewable on your smart loop schedule 
  • Automatically schedules pins 
  • Uses optimized times to post pins 

Here are the exact steps I took to set up my Pinterest Schedule

1. create a pinning schedule based on Tailwind’s optimal pinning time. Adjust to meet the number of times you want to pin each day. I like to pin 30 times a day.

2. Insert your own content into the optimal pinning times. I usually pin about 10 of my own pins a day. You can do this by loading pins directly into Tailwind or by pinning off of your best of board. *If you use Smart Loop some of these spots will already be filled for you.

 3. Using the Tailwind browser extension, fill in the rest of the empty slots with other excellent content from other great content creators. 

4. If you want to mix up content you can use the shuffle feature. I like to hit the lock button on my own posts so that they stay in the optimal position. I then shuffle other posts around.  


In a nutshell, that’s how I create my Tailwind Schedule every month. It’s so easy!

Get started today using my affiliate link! (You know I will never sell you anything that I don’t 100% love and use! As always I appreciate you supporting me by using my links when possible. Thank you!!!)

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