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Blog posts are the bread and butter of most bloggers! Sure you can make way more money developing your own products but the only way to bring in your customers is by sharing tons of free content along the way! 

As a blogger you have tons of things to do and so I want to give you all my tips and tricks so that you can write the best blog posts possible in the least amount of time! 


    Affiliate Disclaimer: This post most likely contains affiliate links. I earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

    Types of Blog Posts

    • How-to Guides
    • Tutorials
    • Lists
    • Testimonials
    • Advice from experts  
    • Funny personal stories
    • Inspirational personal stories
    • Rants
    • Meme Compilations
    • Product reviews
    • Product round ups
    • Product comparisons
    • Checklists
    • Infographics
    • Interviews
    • Highlighting problems and solutions
    • Beginners guides
    • Myths vs facts
    • Open letters
    • Book Reviews
    • Best of/ Worst of’s
    • Success Stories
    • Guest Posts
    • Case Studies
    • Advice to FAQ
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    Step 1: Brainstorm topics (specific to your niche) 

    I prefer to do a weekly brain dump of ideas for possible posts! I sit down with my computer (or my phone if I am on the go) and write down as many ideas as I can.  I keep a running checklist of my different ideas. I check them off as I write them! This ensures that you will never sit down with no ideas to write! 

    If you are having a hard time thinking of ideas, think about some of the problems your readers are likely to encounter. What blog posts could you write that will solve that problem? 

    Pro-Tip: Do your best to brainstorm blog posts that can drive a profit (through affiliate sales or products) mixed with blog posts that are primarily meant to drive traffic. 

    Beginner Tip: If you are having a hard time coming up with ideas check out Pinterest and see what other bloggers in your niche are writing about! Don’t directly copy another blogger’s ideas but instead use that research to spark some creativity! 

    Step 2: Do initial research specifically keyword research 

    Next, look through your list of brainstormed ideas and start checking google ad words and Pinterest to see if your idea is one that people search for! 

    The fact of the matter is, there is no point in writing a truly awesome blog post if no one is ever going to look for it! 

    You need to be sure that you are writing posts that people are searching for! Remember how we talked about trying to help people solve their problems? That’s so you can be positive that people will be looking for your answers!

    How to do Keyword Research on Pinterest

    First use the search bar and type in your keyword phrase. Pinterest will auto populate some common phrases that are searched on Pinterest. You can use any of those options as a blog post and you will be good to go!

    Or you can pick one of those search phrases, hit enter, and see magic happen!

    See the colored tiles? Pinterest further refines searches based on what people commonly look for!

    These colored tiles can help you focus your blog post even further and potentially give you ideas for future blog posts! 

    Step 3: Write an outline 

    Yeah, I know this sounds boring. BUT! An outline will keep your blog post organized, contained, and easy to read! Break up all the points you want to cover in small bite-sized pieces! 

    Having easy to read blog posts are key to keeping users on your site for as long as possible! 

    Break your outline into headings and subheadings. Make sure to keep that formatting within your word press theme as well. The headings and subheadings help break up the text and increase the readability as well! 

    An example outline could be something like this “Ultimate Guide to Adopting a New Dog”.

    This type outline reminds you of all the things you want to cover in your blog post and ensures you don’t leave anything out! 

    Outline Example

    Topic: The Ultimate Guide for Adopting a New Dog 

    1. Find the right breed for you 
      • Family-Friendly Breeds
      • Small Breeds 
      • Large Breeds
    2. Finding Your Dog through a Rescue Vs. a Breeder
      • Pros to a Shelter 
      • Cons to a Shelter
      • Pros to a Breeder 
      • Cons to a Breeder
    3. Gear: Woof! Oh the things to buy!  (include affiliate links) 
      • Collars 
      • Leashes 
      • Crates 
      • Dog beds 
      • Dog bowls
      • Dog food 
    4. First commands to Teach your dog 
      • Sit 
      • Stay 
      • Bed 
      • Heel
    Free Printables of the resources in this post are available for download!  

    Step 4: Write the darn Post!

    This can feel like the hardest task of all. To me it feels reminiscent of college and the dread when a paper was hanging over my head but at least with blog posts there is income potential! 

    My biggest tip for writing is to build stamina! At the beginning it might be hard to write a blog post in one sitting but with practice you will get better and better. I find it to be best to sit down and bust out a post in one sitting. Otherwise procrastination tends to set in. 

    It can also be helpful to write your post first thing in the day before you move on to any other blogging tasks. This gets it off your plate so that your brain is clear to focus on other tasks! 

    Step 5: Edit 

    Next up it’s time to edit your post! Read through with a critical eye looking for typos, confusing wording, etc. While you can get away with a few minor errors, it happens! (I’m sure there are a few in this post) But try to keep your post as professional as possible! 


    Step 6: Add links and images 

    The final thing to do is to add your internal links and images. I try to make sure that every blog post has links to other places on my blog with posts that I know will help my reader with their problems. 

    Try to keep your internal links on topic to the post they are currently reading. This happens naturally if you have a niche blog but can get more challenging with a broader lifestyle blog.   

    For example if the post is about baby food, link to other posts you wrote about baby food. Don’t link to posts about fashion. Keep your links on topic as best you can!

    Add images that break up the text and help further your reader’s understanding of the topic. These images can be info graphics, pictures of the items you are describing, etc. 

    Step 7: Publish & Market

    Now is the exciting part! Go ahead and hit publish on your blog post! Congrats! You are officially a blogger! 

    Once you have written 5-10 posts it is time to market those posts! The internet is a huge place and no one will find your posts if you don’t market them! Here are some helpful resources to get you started! 

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