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The most time consuming part of starting a blog is designing your blog! I Have good news for you! There is an easier way than building it from scratch! I am going to show you how to create your main blog pages in minutes using the Divi Theme! 

This is how I designed all my websites and the websites of all my clients. The absolute easiest way to do this is to start with the premade layouts available in Divi. I then make all the customizations I need to make the blog look one of a kind! 

If you do not use Divi (yet!) here is my in-depth review on why I use them and how I would never switch to another theme!


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    First of all, if you haven’t started your blog by setting up a hosting service yet, what are you waiting for? Blogging is a great way to bring in side hustle money, pay off debt, and possibly even bring in a full time income!  

    I recommend either


    Why Divi is the BEST Theme to use for both new and experienced bloggers!

    I break the benefits of Divi into two categories. 

    1. It is extremely user friendly.

    2. It is extremely customizable.

    Let me get into why those two things are so important.

    First, it is so user friendly. This is critical guys. When starting a blog, or even maintaining a new blog there is a steep learning curve. You have so many things you have to learn how to do, and what feels like so little time.

    In my opinion anytime you can find a resource to use that is EASY to use. You will benefit ten-fold from it! Divi has tons of free layouts that you can load into your website in seconds. When I say you can build a website in 10 minutes what I really mean is you can build a website in 10 minutes! 

    In a few minutes I am going to show you just how to do that! 


    Second, Divi is extremely customizable. Remember a few seconds ago I said they have free premade layouts? Well, so do most free themes. But in free themes you often are unable to customize exactly how you want it to look.

    So you end up stuck with a cookie cutter website that doesn’t represent who you are as a person or as a brand.

    Divi allows you to update you brand colors, upload custom fonts, create global modules, and so much more! (To read more about these capabilities check out my Divi Review.

    Alright, now that I have talked about why I think you should consider using Divi as the theme to build your blog, let me explain just how to go about creating a beautiful website in 10 minutes!

    If you do not already have Divi but would like to use it, you can download it here (affiliate link) from Elegant Themes, they have a 30 day money back guarantee! I would never recommend you anything that I don’t love and use myself. I have been using Divi since around my 4th month of blogging and the only thing I regret is not signing up sooner!


    What pages should any new blog have, at least to start?


    To start, most blogs should have the following pages

    1. A Home Page

    2. An About Me Page

    3. A Blog Page

    4. A Landing Page

    Divi has these types of pages already created in most of their layouts!

    Let me show you exactly what to do!

    From WordPress go to, Pages on the left hand sidebar, and select add new.

    Name your page.  And then select Use the Divi Builder button.

    (Don’t write anything in the text box below)

    Next, select Choose a Premade Layout

    You can scroll through and look at all of the different layout packs. 

    Click on any layout to view a preview of the pages in that layout. 

    You can also search more by looking in the category section for more ideas and layouts. 

    Find the layouts that you are attracted to the most. Every single thing on those pages is completely customizable including colors, layouts, font etc. 

    So if you see something on one the pages that you don’t like even though you love everything else then great! 

    Go ahead and pick that page! You can go ahead and change that element later! It’s completely customizable! 

    Remember you don’t have to use every single page from the layout pack.

    You could use the About Me Page from one pack and the Blog Page from another pack. 

    When you  have found the layout you like choose the page you want to start with, in this image I chose the About page. 

    Next, select the green button where is says use this layout. Divi will automatically load every single element of the page. 

    From here you will see a bunch of colored boxes. This is how you would build your blog on the back end. 

    I, however, find it much easier to use the visual builder. So select the button that says “Use Visual Builder.” 

    Now, your entire page will load and you can make visual adjustments. 

    Start by changing the text, adding your own pictures, and changing colors. Use what you want and delete elements you don’t want! 

    If you need help changing the colors this post goes in depth on how to choose a color palette for your blog, as well as how to change your brand colors in WordPress and Divi. Okay! Get to creating! 

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