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do pinterest followers matter for your blog?

If you are a new blogger looking to market your content on Pinterest you are in the right place! I am going to explain how to grow your Pinterest following with 4 easy tips. I have also included 2 definite no-nos when it comes to social media marketing.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post most likely contains affiliate links. I earn a commission on qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you.

First things first, do you even need a Pinterest following? 

Well, ultimately, no. Pinterest is a search and discovery engine. This means that you can SEO your posts to make them easier for non-followers to find you in the smart feed. Pinterest SEO is surprisingly easy to do and can get your blog posts seen quickly! Persuasion Nation has a great in depth post on increasing your Pinterest SEO.  

When I launched my first blog, I had next to no followers on Pinterest because it was a brand new account. Yet I still managed to get over 17 thousand page views in the highly saturated mommy blogger niche in my first month! From there we continued to grow. We can help you set up your Pinterest account for success too! 

So you might be asking yourself, do I really need to grow my Pinterest following then?

Because having followers WILL increase your reach!

Yes, you do. Pinterest users can find content in 3 different ways. They can use the search bar, the home feed, and the follower feed. The Pinterest algorithm will show your content to your followers first in both their home feed and their following feed. Having lots of followers allows your pins to be seen by more people who are not necessarily searching for it.

The amount of engagement you get from your followers on your pins/posts also helps Pinterest decide the type of value your pins have. This can help increase your SEO ranking on Pinterest. 

Tip #1: Consistently add fresh, new content 

Pinterest absolutely loves fresh content! Pinterest relies on content creators to publish high-quality pins so that they have something to offer their users! Since Pinterest relies on you to create pins they prioritize new content. 

Tip #2: Make sure your pins are beautiful images with clear, easy to read text.

I recommend using Canva to make your Pinterest Pins. You can sign up on Canva for free and they even have tons of Pinterest templates available for free!

Tip #3 Pin Daily 

The magic number for pinning seems to be around 10-30 times a day. Both Pinterest and Tailwind recommend hitting between those benchmark numbers when pinning to Pinterest. 

However, Pinterest has said time and time again that they value consistency OVER any certain “number” of pins. They would rather you pin consistently every day rather than pinning hundreds of pins 2 days a week. This is important to keep in mind when designing your social media marketing strategy. 

Pro Tip: It doesn’t matter if you are pinning manually or using Tailwind! However, I found that using Tailwind to schedule out a month of content at one time made things so much easier than when I was trying to manually pin. 

Tip #4: Repin/Save high-quality content

All the pins that you repin should be high-quality content. Your name will be tied with all of the pins you repin and NOT just your original content. You want to be sure that any content you pin serves the needs of your reader. People will follow you when they see that you consistently curate AMAZING content! 

Tip #5: Hire someone to manage your Pinterest presence!  

This can be huge when you are trying to grow your business and brand! I frequently say, the to-do list for a new business owner/blogger is a mile high. Realistically, you probably do not have the time to get through everything on your to-do list every day. 

When this happens there are two things you can do:

The first thing you can do is just do your best and wade through all of your tasks. You will grow! It will take time and effort but it WILL happen! OR you can hire someone to take the enormous social media marketing tasks OFF your plate! When you do this you will free up so much time so that you can focus on creating your amazing content and products! 

You might be thinking to yourself, “I can’t afford a social media marketer!” Well, remember if you want your blog to be a business you need to treat it as a business! Businesses require investment! By hiring out someone to manage your Pinterest account you are freeing up hours of time every week so that you can do things that will actually make you money!

But this is completely up to you and the place you are in your business!

2 Things Not To Do 

DO NOT follow/unfollow

Do not follow hundred on people on Pinterest to get a follow back and then turn around and unfollow them. Just don’t. It is disengenious and dishonest. 

DO NOT Spam 

Do not spam group boards or your own boards with the same image over and over. It doesn’t look aesthetically pretty and can be pretty annoying for users. Be sure you follow all the group board rules and space out your own pins with the pins of others on your own boards. 

There you have it! 5 tips to grow your Pinterest following plus 2 things not to do! Did I leave anything out? Comment below if you have any other great suggestions! 

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