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Like every choice you have to make when starting a blog, picking your brand colors can feel daunting and overwhelming. You might be worried that you are going to make a big mistake that you have to live with forever.

 Well…. while your branded colors are important for brand identity, it’s not marriage. If you really end up with colors you hate you can always change them later. I’ve put together some tips for you that will help make choosing your brand colors a breeze! 


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    Step 1: Browse the internet for color inspiration 

    You can browse Pinterest for inspiration a few different ways. You can use Pinterest, stock photography sites, or any other place you can search and find beautiful photos. 


    You can try searching

    • color inspiration 
    • Color inspiration color palettes 
    • Color inspiration photos 

    Or you can head over to my Pinterest Board “Blog Design: Color Palettes and Mood Boards” To get some inspiration. 

    Often you might stumble on a color palette that has hex codes written out already like the ones on this page! That’s a great starting point! 

    On Pinterest, or stock photography sites such as

    • Pexels 
    • Unsplash 
    • Pixaby 

    Use the search bar on any of those sites to come up with some photos that fit your mood.

    For example I searched “fall”. 


    On Unsplash I searched Pink and found the following results!

    Step 2: Head over to to refine your color search

    When you sign onto (which is a free site!) you will see a color palette that is already generated for you!

    You can hit the spacebar to change the colors.

    You can also lock a color and change the rest by hitting the space bar. 

    But, my favorite, MOST MAGICAL way to use os by uploading a photo! Hit the little camera on the top and upload a photo that you pulled from one of the stock photography sites and voila! will generate a color palette for you! 


    Obviously it’s customizable! You can slide the circles around and change the colors! It’s such an awesome free tool! 

    I made a free tutorial for you! You can check it out below! 

    Step 3: Update Colors in WordPress and Divi 

    So what do you do once you have your colors picked out? 

    If you are using the Divi Theme, head over onto the backend of WordPress hover over Divi, and click theme options. 

    From there you can edit your “color Pickers Default Palette.

    Now those colors will be available to use throughout your website! 

    Be sure to add your colors to whatever graphic design tool you use as well. I recommend Canva

    Now that you have your brand colors picked out you are ready to get back to the important tasks on your to-do list like creating content!

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