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The Free 6 Month Blog Planner

Your Step by Step Guide to making well over a Thousand Dollars a Month within your first 6 months

  • Step by Step Guide to Setting up a Blog
  • Finding the perfect Niche 
  • Branding Your Blog
  • 6 months of checklists to keep you organized
    • Tips on Creating Content
    • Keyword Optimization
    • Traffic tips
    • And more!


I am here to help you get organized and blogging like a professional! Making money as a professional blogger is 100% possible, all you need is persistence, determination, and the right tools for you are your business! Let me show you how! Below are some of the FREE 6 Month Blog Plan so you can launch a blog even while working full time!

Hello Roadmap to Success! 

These printable documents contain all the action items you need to do to in order to…

1. Launch a blog in under a month

2. Brand your Business with colors, fonts, and images 

3. Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy that will bring you traffic

4. Write Content that converts free users into paying customers!


Blog Planning Tools


These editable templates will help you

  •  identify your target audience 
  • create an actionable mission statement 
  • plan your cornerstone content and follow up posts to create content that builds your email list and makes you money 
  • plan and structure your week so that you can blog part-time while getting started!  


Free 6 Month Blog Plan

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