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Divi Blog Theme--The wordpress theme you will love!

Divi Theme Review

I get asked which theme I recommend for new bloggers all the time! This answer is an easy one! I ONLY recommend Divi from Elegant Themes (affiliate link)! I am in LOVE! Divi is one of the reasons that I fell in love with blogging! Divi is the easiest theme I have ever used! It is also super customizable and has so many options! Divi saved me so much time when I was learning to blog!   

Divi offers so many capabilities that you didn’t even know you needed! I’m going to give you my honest (yet raving review) about Divi and its super awesome capabilities such as it’s drag and drop modules, easy to load premade templates, and how to create your own templates! 

Premade Layouts

If you have a brand spanking new blog, or your artistic side hasn’t shown up yet you can use Divi’s Premade Layouts! Select Choose a Premade Layout and you are given 939 total layouts to choose from! You can have a beautiful page setup in minutes! Minutes, guys, minutes.  


You can search layouts in the search bar or scroll threw the options on the left. They come in “Layout Packs” which means they have multiple layouts with the same look and feel.

This is usually where I start when building a new website for friends. Did you know that I have built several sites for friends? I use Divi every single time!

I pick a layout and then customize from there. That is one of the best things about Divi! Divi is SO customizable! 

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Make Your Own Layouts Using the Drag and Drop Builder

This function is seriously the coolest! Divi makes it so that you can easily drag and drop each module so that you can customize the look of your page/post. This means you can rearrange text boxes, images, call to actions, forms, quotes, blurbs, everything!

You can drag and drop from the back end view which just looks like labeled color boxes. Or you can drag and drop from within the post! Both are amazing ways to use the drag and drop feature! Remember how I said I start with a Premade Layout? Well, I take the premade layout and customize it to my brand using the drag and drop feature. I delete modules, add modules, and more! 

Speaking of modules…. 


Divi has a huge variety of modules! 

Within each post, you can add whatever modules you want! This takes your blog from looking like a boring text and image site to a professional site with counters, sliders, blurbs, gallery inserts, testimonials and more! It is so user friendly!

What exactly is a module? It’s a content element that has indivuidual settings which allow you to adjust color, slider controls, and switches! 

If it wasn’t for these modules you would have to insert custom code anytime you wanted something more than just an image or text feature. This handy little tool makes it so easy to customize your blog! 

There are more than 40 modules to choose from! I use 5 of them on a regular basis! This function is a serious game changer!  




I mentioned it above but I wanted to discuss the visual builder in a little more detail. Oh boy is the visual builder legit!

The visual builder allows you to create your blog right in front of your eyes. With other themes, you type your post into the backend of your blog and then have to hit “preview” to see what it will look like.

Not with Divi.

Divi’s visual builder allows you to build your post right on the screen! You can see how your content is shaping up and change things with just a few clicks!

Have I mentioned I love Divi?

This is an example of one of my sections from my other blog I can customize all of the modules within this section right on the page! I can change the size of the image, the background color, the size and color of the button, the text. Everything! It’s incredible! 

In fact, just looking at this old image of mine is giving me the hankering to do some new designing on this page! I’ll be able to make huge changes in just a few minutes! 


You might be saying that Divi is too pricey and expensive! You’re right! Divi is more expensive than a lot of themes out there! (Especially the free themes)

BUT, here’s what I say to that. You are going to spend so much time struggling with using a free theme. Most free themes are not very user-friendly. At. All.

In my opinion, time saved is money made. If you put up the upfront cost of buying Divi you will be saving literally hours of headaches!

How does saving hours of headaches make you money? Well, obviously you will have hours more time available to write blog posts, chase down sponsored posts, and do the millions of other blogging things.

If you are serious about making blogging your income, or even a profitable side hustle then Divi is an investment that will be worth it. I promise.

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You can get one year of Elegant Themes for $89. 

This includes 

  • Access to All Themes
  • Access to All Plugins 
  • Theme Updates 
  • Premium Support 
  • Unlimited Website Usage 
  • Risk-Free Guarantee 

We personally have the Lifetime Access Package. This is a one time fee of $249. I know that has a hefty price tag but believe me the functionality of Divi is amazing, you are going to want to use it year after year. You really won’t regret that purchase. With the Lifetime Access Package, you get

  • Lifetime access to all themes 
  • Lifetime access to all plugins 
  • Lifetime updates 
  • Lifetime premium support 
  • Unlimited website usage 

Risk-Free Guarantee. (Get your money back after 30 days if you don’t love it)Since we own and operate 2 different blogs this has been a huge cost saver for us! 

The other great thing about Elegant Themes is that you can use the themes across multiple sites! Since we own and run 2 different sites this has been a huge benefit for us! 

If you are ready to take the plunge I would greatly appreciate if you would purchase using my affiliate link. I am truly grateful when you guys choose to make your purchases through me! 

Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions! I would love to help you! 

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