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BlueHost Review

I get asked which hosting company I recommend to new bloggers. My first recommendation is always Bluehost! I used it for my entire first year of blogging and beyond! 

Bluehost offers so much to bloggers! 

I find that BlueHost is easy to use, reliable, simple, cheap, and user friendly! BlueHost will be a great choice for you if you are just starting out on your blogging adventure! Read on to find out more about why I love BlueHost. 


You can set up a blog using BlueHost in less than 5 minutes! Hosting should not be a complicated process and BlueHost really makes it easier than pie!


BlueHost is very affordable and are ranked as one of the top hosting providers. For as little as $3.95 a month you get a free domain name, one-click installation of WordPress(for managing your content), and 24/7 support. All of this also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. 


When signing up for BlueHost you get your hosting and a FREE domain name with your plan!

Domain names regularly run between $10-$15 a year when purchased separately from your hosting company. I know $10 doesn’t seem like much but it is still a cost-saving! That $10 can be spent elsewhere!

You are also able to park 5 other domains, and 25 subdomains, and 5 email accounts on the basic plan.

That’s a pretty good deal for $3.95/month!

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As I mentioned above BlueHost starts as low as $3.95 a month!

BlueHost Basic plan: 3.95/month includes:

  • free domain name!
  • 1 website 
  • 50 GB of website space 
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • 5 parked domains 
  • 25 subdomains 
  • 5 email accounts


We personally have the Bluehost Plus Plan which is $5.95.

BlueHost Plus Plan: $5.95 a month includes:

  • unlimited websites
  • unlimited website space
  • unmetered bandwidth 
  • unlimited parked domains 
  • unlimited subdomains 
  • unlimited email accounts 
  • Spam Experts 


We have used Bluehost for more than a year and our website wasn’t down A. SINGLE. TIME. At one point we switched to another hosting service and our blog was down after only 2 months. Worst thing about that is that we didn’t even know it was down until I happened to check our stats in google analytics! We lost out on a bunch of revenue that day because of this error! 

That problem has never happened with BlueHost! If that did ever happen with BlueHost they have 24/7 support available even on their basic plan! 



As I always say stop dreaming and start doing! If you decide to start your blog today and have chosen BlueHost as your provider I would really appreciate if you sign up using my BlueHost link. I can’t thank you enough for that support! smile

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How to setup a blog on Bluehost

So you have decided to create and start blogging. Now where do you start?

You will need a domain name, some way to manage all of your content, and a place to host it all. Seems like a lot and would be difficult, but thankfully there are services out there that help make it a lot easier and do not require you to hire a team of developers or go out and start learning how to code.

Step 1: Setup your hosting

Think of your host as where your blog will live. It is important that you pick a reliable company so that your users can always access your website and read your awesome content! I chose Bluehost as my provider and I am very happy with them. They are very affordable and are ranked as one of the top hosting providers. For as little as $3.95 a month you get a free domain name, one-click installation of WordPress(for managing your content), and 24/7 support. All of this also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Where do I sign up?

You can sign up for Bluehost, and pick your domain name, through my link here.  I am an affiliate for Bluehost so I will receive a commission if you use my link, so thank you if you do!

Once you click on the link, you will want to click on the big “Get Started Now” button.

From there you will be given an option of what plan you want. For the most part, the $3.95 plan will be just fine. Unless you plan on having multiple websites or want some of the included extra features you probably do not need a more expensive plan. You can always upgrade later. 

Please note, to get the lowest possible price per month you will need to sign up for a 36-month term (paid upfront). You can choose low as 12-months, but it will cost $5.95 a month, which is still a very good deal. You still get a free domain name and the other great features I mentioned.

After you pick your plan, you will want to choose your domain name. This is how people will get to your website. If you already have one that is no problem! Bluehost can be set up to use the domain name that you’ve already purchased. You can also skip this step for now if you are still thinking about your name by clicking on the “Choose Later!” link.

Next, you will enter in all your information, select your package term length, any extras that you would want (these are not really needed, so just pick ones you feel you want/need), and your payment information. Once you accept the terms and submit your new hosting plan is ready to go.

At this point, I would highly suggest creating a document or having a notebook so you can start recording all of your usernames and passwords. There are going to a few so it’s nice to not have to remember everything. Just make sure you store this in a safe location as it will have access to all of your important stuff!

Step 2: Install WordPress

Once you have setup Bluehost you will want to install WordPress. If you log in to your account just after setting up your hosting this should be done automatically. You will know this because you will be prompted to select a theme for your website. This step can also be skipped for now. Next click on start building.

That’s it! Pretty simple right?

Now when you first get your blog set up through Bluehost it will not be fully launched. If you go to your domain you will see a coming soon page. This gives you time to get all of your content and visual aspects set up before you release your blog to the world. Just make sure that when you’re ready to share your awesome content you click that launch button. To access your WordPress and start creating content you will log in by going to This is where you will enter your WordPress username and password.

If you want some inspiration to get started writing then read my post on How to Write Amazing Blog Content and How to Find Awesome Blog Ideas!

I can’t wait to see the blog you create! It’s going to be amazing! Be sure to email me if you have any questions! 

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