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how to find amazing ideas for blog posts

If you are feeling stuck in the writing process and you need help looking for blog post ideas then look no further than this Blog Post Idea Guide for Beginners! This list can be used for writers of any niche including moms, health, fitness, lifestyle, travel and more!

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Blog Post Ideas: Pinterest SEO 

This is my number 1 favorite way to find blog post ideas. Pinterest has an amazing feature where it basically tells you what Pinterest users search for on a regular basis! 

Amazing, right?!

Check out my Pinterest Marketing Tips

Here’s what you do. Type in a topic such as baby food into the Pinterest search bar. 

I use the drop-down list to get an idea for posts then click on an idea.

I use the drop-down list to get an idea for posts then click on an idea. 

Use the colored tiles to further develop your post idea!

Using this method you can generate SO MANY blog post ideas in just a few minutes. 

Blog Post Ideas: Google SEO

After I use Pinterest as a jumping off point I usually head over to the google keyword planner at The keyword planner is under the tools sections. I type in my blog post idea and see what pops up.

This is slightly more complicated than using Pinterest as a keyword planner but it can still be done. 

 When you are a new blogger you want to go for “Low” competition with as many Average Monthly Searches as possible. Sometimes a small word change will increase your traffic like crazy.

In this example you can see that I first searched “how to make homemade baby food” it had high competition for 100-1k monthly searches but if I changed it to “how to prepare baby food” I could get the same number of average searches for low competition. 


When writing your blog post be sure to include this long tail keyword in your first paragraph as well as several times throughout your blog post.


Pinterest Tip

Beware of “keyword stuffing”. Write out your bio in simple sentence using keywords but DO NOT just write a list of kewords! 


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Blog Post Ideas: Check your Traffic!

Go though your google analytics and find out which of your previous blog posts are the biggest drivers of organic traffic. 

Your top posts give you insight into exactly what your audience wants to read! 

When lots of people are reading a few specific posts that tells you that they are interested in that specific topic in your niche. Write more about that topic! 

Example: One of my biggest drivers of traffic for my mommy blog was a baby food post. I got consistent engagement on that post month after month.

What did that tell me? Well, it told me that other moms are interested in making homemade baby food. 

So what did I do? I wrote more posts on making baby food and ultimately made a homemade baby food cookbook! 

What did I accomplish? I got more traffic, increased sales, and increased my blogging income. If I had just ignored this info I would have lost out on all that traffic and increased revenue. 

It’s just too easy! Go check your traffic!

Blog Post Ideas: Check Out Other Great Bloggers in Your Niche!

Let me say this loud and clear, I am NOT telling you to COPY other bloggers. I am telling you to get INSPIRATION from the other amazing bloggers in your niche! 

Other bloggers are amazing resources! 

Learn from the experts! Get some ideas for topics and then do your own research, writing, and development. DO NOT just copy their blog posts! 

One final tip, when looking for blog post ideas try to get as many ideas in one brainstorming session as possible. Jot them down to save for later! It’s best to batch jobs whenever possible! I have included a quick and easy google spreadsheet I use to organize my content research. 

Download it below if you would like to use it. This is strictly a productivity tool, it’s not meant to be pretty. It’s only meant to be functional.  It’s free, it’s basic, it GETS THE JOB DONE. Save yourself a headache and just use it! 

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