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4 killer writing tips for newbie bloggers

The following writing tips are actually tips I use with my own students as a public school teacher. These tips apply to adult writers just as much as children! Writing is a skill and just like any other skill becoming a good writer takes time, practice, and persistence. In order to become and better writer you need to just START! Just as if you were taking on a sport. You won’t get good at that sport if you just sit on the couch wishing you were good at that sport! 

Follow these steps to improve your writing stamina and skill! 

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Blog Writing Tip #1: Write long 

When I talk about writing long I mean that you need to write for a long AMOUNT of time. Decide on a time frame that is a stretch for you. Maybe sitting down and writing for 20 minutes is a challenge. Then force yourself to write for 25 minutes. This stimulates your brain and encourages creativity. You will also develop better writing stamina. Pretty soon that 25 minutes will turn into 30, then into 45, and eventually you will be writing for hours at a time if you needed! 


Writing Tip

Try writing for just 20 minutes a day to start and build from there! 

Blog Writing Tip #2: Write often 

Write EVERY SINGLE DAY. Writing takes PRACTICE! No one is an amazing writer the very first time they sat down to write.

Blog post writing is a very specific type of writing that can be challenging to master in the beginning. But the more often you do it the better you will become.

As with step 1 decide how long you are able to write for in a single sitting and do that amount of time EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Save all of the other blogging tasks (marketing, photography, proofreading etc) for later. Your writing must come first! Content drives traffic!

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Writing Tip

Write every single day! Practice, Practice, Practice! 


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Blog Writing Tip #3: Write without hesitation

When you sit down to do your writing each day write without hesitation. Don’t worry about spelling. Don’t get caught up in word nuance. Don’t worry about the nitty gritty! Get your ideas down on paper. Every last thought that pops into your head is important at this point. Don’t spend too much time trying to sift through your ideas. Rather, just get them down  on paper and worry about the rest later! 

A word on the “cringe factor” of your own writing. This will likely happen. That’s okay. You will get so much better! I promise! 

When I go back and read my very first blog posts I want to literally throw up. But I got better. So will you!

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Writing Tip

Your writing voice will develop. Just give it time!  

Blog Writing Tip #4: Proofread later 

After you have finished your allotted time for writing you can take a quick pass through your work to check for large errors. However you will most likely need to return to your piece at a later time with fresh eyes in order to find smaller mistakes.

It would also be extremely helpful if you can find someone else that is willing to proofread your writing for you as well. This can be a partner, friend, or some rando at a coffee shop. Fresh eyes will be able to find mistakes that you are unable to see.


Writing Tip

Find someone else to proofread your writing. 

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